Blog: Charity information and helpful tips for supporting your breastfeeding journey

February 5, 2019

Present: Jayne Cozens (IBCLC), Tracey Rix (trustee and chair), Amanda Wagg (IBCLC), Emma Kandjou (trustee), Jo Ayres (trustee), Sophie Watson (trustee), Rebecca Kearns (Motivation mum in training and service user), Jade Butterick (trustee), Annie Vanstone (motivation m...

April 29, 2018

Lactation Motivation Complaints Procedure

We are committed to providing a high-quality legal service to all our clients.  When something goes wrong, we need you to tell us about it.  This will help us to improve our standards.

If you have a complaint, please contact...

February 26, 2018

Annual General Meeting

08.02.18 7pm @ Terrington St. Clement Children Centre.

Present: Lauren Burrison, Maddy Grantham, Annie Vanstone, Jo Ayres, Mandy Wagg, Tracey Rix, Teresa Leggett, Jayne Cozens, Emma Kandjou, Sophie Watson, Jeanette Nowrung

Apologies: Baby Sensory, K...

November 16, 2017

A debate is a discussion on a particular public matter where opposing arguments are put forward, and in the formal sense are put to the vote. To breastfeed, or not to breastfeed, is often a question pondered by expectant and new mothers, however it is also a tiring sal...

November 15, 2017

On many occasions we have raised money for the charity, and had great fun, baking cakes that look like breasts. 

 When you bake a cake:

1. You choose the ingredients you need

2. Measure out the amounts of those ingredients 

3. Bake the cake, it rises nicely in th...

November 2, 2017

 A common myth is that it is NORMAL for breastfeeding to hurt and definitely some thing that people will argue with. The emphasis here is on the word NORMAL. Breastfeeding can hurt and we see many mums at the charity that are searching for support because they are in p...

September 18, 2017

In attendance: Teresa Leggett (trustee and treasurer), Tracey Rix (trustee and chair), Amanda Wagg (IBCLC), Emma Kandjou (trustee)

Apologies: Jayne Cozens, Jo Ayres.

Discussion points of all trustee meetings will be made public. The management of the charity aims to be t...

September 13, 2017

At lactation motivation we provide evidence based information so that you can make informed choices about feeding your baby. Although sometimes we do recommend and advise certain courses of action, what we advise will be based on the evidence available to us at the tim...

August 14, 2017

Safeguarding Procedures

We all have a statutory duty to safeguard and promote the welfare of children, and at Lactation Motivation we take this responsibility seriously.

If you have any concerns about a child or young person whilst at Motivation Monday, you must share th...

May 7, 2017

Thinking of joining the team? There are lots of ways you can help out. Offering to support mums at our groups is just one way in which you can get involved.

Training involves building a portfolio of knowledge, information and resources to use when volunteering at the g...

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