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I left feeling I had the tools to continue. 

I've had some really helpful advice through the group about breastfeeding and regarding my many other general questions as a new mum. I definitely feel more confident and I feel safe in the knowledge that no question is a silly question :)

It was so encouraging to meet mothers who successfully breastfeed their babies and can offer their advice as well as professionals who are incredibly approachable and friendly support is so important for successful breastfeeding! We left feeling really motivation. 

 brilliant group...long may this group continue to support and provide knowledge

It's a lovely little group. I usually feel quite awkward at things like this but I didn't at all. Everyone is so happy to help:)

Really friendly group, very well run and some really lovely mums and babies attend, look forward to going again. 

Light at the end of the tunnel after a very rough start. 

....helped me understand better how to know that my baby is feeding well and getting enough of what he needs from my milk. Her knowledge reassured me and encourages that what I am doing is good. 

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