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Breastfeeding out and about

Feeding out and about can be scary and daunting feeling for some. It is your right to breastfeed anywhere and it is law that no one can ask you not to. However I appreciate that it can be worrying when out and about or in front of other people. So

Easy answer is practice makes perfect. Here are a few things you might like to try to help you grow in confidence:

1. Try practicing in front of a mirror. You will realize how little of the breast is on show when you feed.

2. Don't rush into feeding out and about if you're not ready. After just a few weeks baby will be able to latch on more easily and quickly.

3. Try layers. Wear your usual clothes but with a vest top underneath. Simply pull the top up and the vest down to attach baby to the breast. Shirts with buttons can also help you feel less exposed.

4. If it makes you feel comfortable try draping a scalf or blanket over any exposed bits of breast. Cardigans and shawls can also make you feel less exposed too.

6. When venturing out for the first time take someone you know for moral support and go somewhere you feel comfortable. Baby cafes are a great place to start as you can see how others feed in front of you and ask questions if you need to.

7. Remember babies are typically happy and contented feeding at the breast so shouldn't draw too much attention to the fact that you are nursing in public.

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