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Oh no do I have low milk supply?

I dont have enough one of the biggest reasons given by mums when asked why they ceased breastfeeding.

But fear not you can increase supply by trying some of the tips below:

Relax..milk will not 'let down' if you are tense or stressed about not having enough milk. Try feeding in the bath.

Ensure you feed baby or express milk at least 8-10 times a day around the clock

Continue frequent feeding, even if only small amounts are being produced

Massage the breast before and during a feed

Apply moist heat to the breasts a few minutes before a feed.

Get lots of skin to skin contact and/or try babywearing.

Encourage suckling at the empty braest.

Get some peer support from other breastfeeding mums

Speak to your lactation consultant, midwife or health visitor about starting medication to increase supply.

Did you know moderate exercise can increase milk supply?

Possibly consider reducing or stopping smoking as this can also reduce the fat content of your breastmilk.

Always get someone to check positioning and attachment to ensure that there is adequate milk transfer

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