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Using the flipple technique to achieve a deeper latch.

Updated: Feb 18, 2020

A common myth is that it is NORMAL for breastfeeding to hurt and definitely some thing that people will argue with. The emphasis here is on the word NORMAL. Breastfeeding can hurt and we see many mums at the charity that are searching for support because they are in pain. One know that statistically one of the biggest reasons for giving up breastfeeding is nipple pain/trauma.

At lactation Motivation we definitely paint no oil painting picture that breastfeeding is problem free and mothers will experience no pain. We would be deluding people. However, pain should not be seen as normal. If you had pain in you arm or leg you would see a doctor, if you had tooth ache you would visit a dentist. Why we have classed this as a myth is that for no reason do we want women to think its OK to have pain, and ignore it. Pain is not OK. Pain in the breast means you you should visit a breastfeeding specialist or medical practitioner, just as you would for any other pain.

A common problem of breastfeeding is a poor attachment at the breast. this causes nipple pain and needs correcting. Whether baby has a shallow latch (for one or more of the many reasons) or even a restricted frenulum (tongue tie) then there are things that you can try to alleviate the pain. The video above being one.

If you are reading this and you have pain on the nipple then please seek support. This video is intended to illustrate what we advise women to try and forms part of a complete feeding assessment.

Thanks again to Briony and Luna x

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