Trustee meeting 14.9.17

September 18, 2017

 In attendance: Teresa Leggett (trustee and treasurer), Tracey Rix (trustee and chair), Amanda Wagg (IBCLC), Emma Kandjou (trustee)

Apologies: Jayne Cozens, Jo Ayres.


Discussion points of all trustee meetings will be made public. The management of the charity aims to be transparent and open about the running of the charity.  


  • Review of user feedback:

* was a light at the end of the tunnel after a very tough start


The support I have had from * has been invaluable. I have had quite a few things go against me With breastfeeding but from the support I have maintained my feeding and my little * is nearly 5 weeks. If I had not have had this I would have stopped by now. It is great to have somewhere to come and talk to people in the same position. Keep up the great work.


* helped me understand better how to know that my baby is feeding well and getting enough of what he needs from my milk. Her knowledge reassured me and encouraged that what I am doing is good. She is incredibly professional, and friendly, approachable at the same time.


I came to this group ready to give up on our breastfeeding journey after a very tough 11 weeks. *and * were fantastic; identified tongue tie (which had been missed by several other health professionals along the way) and also Torticollis. Again missed by everyone else we have seen. I left feeling I had the tools to continue and learnt more in those two hours about what my LO needed to get him feeding efficiently than I have had since his birth. A brilliant group; should be something that is talked about to new BF mums from day 1 in hospital. Long may this group continue to support and provide knowledge of BFing to mums which is clearly hard to find elsewhere in West Norfolk.


It's a lovely little group. I usually feel quite awkward at things like this but I didn't at all. Everyone is so happy to help :)


I had reached a real low with breastfeeding - I had not received the support I needed early on and as a result my baby had problems latching on. I ended up having to give her bottle top ups under instruction from a doctor. Looking back I wish I'd had the confidence to consult a lactation consultant like * before giving top ups. * is wonderful and gives really positive, clear and sensible advice - I wish I'd met her when my baby was first born rather than after 6 weeks of struggling!


Really friendly group, very well run and some really lovely mums and babies attend, look forward to going again


It was so encouraging to meet mothers who successfully breastfeed their babies and can offer their advice as well as professionals who are incredibly approachable and friendly. Support is so important for successful breastfeeding! We left feeling really motivated!


It was such a relief to finally have an answer for our feeding pain, thank you! I felt very comfortable and welcome at the group and everyone was kind and attentive. So glad to find such a lovely and helpful service right on our doorstep, and I really hope to become involved regularly :)


I've had some really helpful advice through the group both about breastfeeding and regarding my many other general questions as a new mum. I definitely feel more confident and I feel safe in the knowledge that no question is a silly question :)


I've had a number of challenges breastfeeding and the support has been invaluable. Having practical, clear support to deal with supply and latching issues has made a great deal of difference and bolstered my decision to breastfeed my son for as long as I can. The sessions are friendly, welcoming and a great place to meet likeminded mums and build a support network. Being able to phone and ask for additional help outside of the sessions is a great reassurance if I run into trouble.


*gave me some brilliant advice, and although it's going to take a little while to resolve the issues we're having, I definitely feel motivated to persevere and not give up! Thank you x


Very welcoming and friendly group. The one to one support I received during the session really motivated me to keep going. A really valuable group for breastfeeding mummy's!


Lovely ladies offering advice and encouragement!


Don't know what I'd have done without * :) she's a star !


Also went to a breastfeeding workshop and used Facebook chat.


Attending the Monday evening group has given me motivation and fantastic help in my breastfeeding journey.

Such a supportive charity, the support I received has really helped me to breastfeed for longer. I would highly recommend for breastfeeding Mums.


You have all helped me so much, particularly with *allergies and colic. Your advice and support is brilliant and I can't thank you enough x


I needed some support and reassurance and I was provided with this very quickly and efficiently! Thank you!


Lovely ladies! They're support has been invaluable as a first time mum - thank you.


Very fast response and good advice. Very reassuring.


Some really positive comments about the work that we are doing. We need to share the comments from mothers the Facebook page, website and on the posters maybe too to encourage others to use our services and promote the good work that we are doing.

At the group the Fathers wanted ‘chest/support awards’. They wanted recognition for supporting their partners. Verbal feedback was very nice from the fathers and maybe we should write that on the posters, website and Facebook page more to show how inclusive we are of the fathers that attend. To Do: Design an award like our breastfeeding award for dads and trial this at group. Awards on a monthly basis. Mandy do images, Emma pick names for each month.


  • People currently trained: 5 motivation mums currently working with the charity.

383.5 hours have been volunteered in total (for 2017 so far).

A bigger kettle was requested, but currently as we have a kettle this was not a priority.


  • People currently in training: 6 Mothers are currently involved in training.  

  • DBS and HR for people currently working with us?

Follow up on DBS checks for all volunteers. These have been completed but record keeping needs to be maintained in order to remain current and safe.  

  • Do we have more trustees?

Unanimous decision that currently we do not need any more trustees. However, we will ask the motivation mums (trained and training) to hold monthly meeting during the Motivation Monday once a month to discuss how things are running, what we need, what we could do differently and where we are moving too. Fundraising will be a regular agenda item at this meeting. This meeting will be chaired by Mandy Wagg IBCLC, Jayne Cozens IBCLC or Emma Kandjou- trustee. To contact the Motivation mums via group chat to arrange their first meeting.

  • Future meetings?

Annual general meeting planned for 8th February 2018, Next Trustee meeting January 2017.

  • Future events and fundraising ideas?

Printed raffle tickets to be made to do a big raffle at Christmas. Xmas and Halloween party advertised on Facebook. Reminder posts scheduled to also go out.

  • Review of safeguarding policy, risk assessment.

Up online via the website blog and everyone directed to read this.

  • Use of Tesco rooms

Booked 4pm on a Thursday, Mandy and Emma to go in Saturday to sign forms and have a look around and think about what we need to get. This is our bags of help project: development and training of motivation mums to run a Thursday group.  Pay for insurance that covers these, to have nice training resources for them and equipment for them to use.

As Tesco if they have storage? Seats, Toys.

  • Financial update

Currently have just over £1000 from bags of help, fundraising and donations via the website.

  • Outgoings

Website is roughly 40 pounds a year and Due again in December. Mandy Wagg to continue to cover this and keep updated and to produce a invoice and get reimbursed.

  • Insurance

               Quote 1: (indication premium for public liability, employer’s liability, trustees liability and professional indemnity is coming in at approximately £384 inclusive)

Quote 2: This is from Event Insurance and their quoted premium is £160.00

This provides Public Liability cover of £1M, for up to 15 events per year.


Decided to go with iba insurance as this covers all activity for the group, has a complete risk assessment completed and covers every aspect of what we need with no restrictions.  Meeting arranged for Friday 22nd September to discuss level of cover with the insurance company.


  • Advertising- posters flyers and amounts

    • The cost for 50 A4 posters will be £30

    • and the cost for 500 A6 cards will be £55


Request quote for A7 not A6 cards so they fit in peoples wallets when handed out. Have posters the same as the banner. Overall budget for advertising is £150 pounds. Advertising was carefully considered using the data we have from google docs. We could have cards in mother care/youngsters world/ pharmacists also. Take distribution of cards to the motivation mums meeting on a Monday.

  • Any other business

To purchase

  • Hand-held charity collection pots

  • Motivation mum resources (Paper, ink cartridges, folders).

  • Printed raffle tickets for larger distribution and larger prizes.

  • T-shirt Transfers to make our own shirts



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